Is it worth
to reduce your
electric bill by

Is saving $100,000 worth
Peak load reduction.
No money down.

Tumalow uses energy storage to reduce the peak load at commercial/industrial facilities.  Pay only 60% of the actual savings you see on your bill; nothing for the hardware, installation, or the engineering studies.  

We can offer this by putting the battery to work for the smart grid while the it isn't working for you.  So not only are you saving money you are helping New York's grid stay reliable and efficient.  We can do all this without net metering or exporting power out of your building.

Energy storage providers: connect your devices to the Tumalow network to deliver maximum value to your customers.

Meet The Team

Will Gathright, PhD

Founder of Tumalow

Before founding Tumalow, Will started a clean energy consulting firm, an athletic glove company, and the New Clermont Project: an organization that sailed a fuel cell boat 160 miles up the Hudson River.  He holds a PhD in computational materials science and a MS in Management and Entrepreneurship.

John Gathright

Software Architect at Tumalow

John Gathright brings decades of software development and management experience to the Tumalow team. He has designed software for everything from IBM 360s and Fujitsu mainframes, to an Air Force supercomputer, to Keck Observatory's adaptive optics system, to the Amazon cloud service.

Staci Elaan

EE Advisor at Tumalow

Staci is Tumalow's resident electrical engineer and mad scientist.  She has a deep expertise with DSP, inverters, amplifiers, converters, and even lightning guns.  Staci holds 22 patents.

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Who We Need


  • Commercial or Industrial Facilities

    Reduce demand charges and get emergency power for no money down.

  • Energy Storage Providers

    Triple the value of your devices to your customers.

  • Solar Installers

    Reduce your customers' peak load and let them use their PV during emergencies for no money down.

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